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The Somerset Combined Events & Race Walking Championships will be held at Millfield School on Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 April 2019.


The Somerset Combined Events Championships is an amazing and unique event that is not available elsewhere in the country! It is a great opportunity to test all the skills that ACE athletes have been working so hard to perfect over the winter months! For those of you who are new to combined events, this is a competition where athletes compete in a variety of running, jumping and throwing events - it's the event in which Jess Ennis-Hill won a gold medal at London 2012! Every performance earns a score, the better the performance the higher the score. The winner is the athlete with the highest cumulative/total score. There is an opportunity for some older athletes who do well to earn a County Vest and compete in the South West Combined Events Championships. Some will be picked to represent Somerset at the National Finals/English Schools Combined Events Championships later in the year. Last year Toby who has trained with ACE since its early days represented Somerset at the National Finals, and the Somerset boys won the decathlon team event. Lucy who has also trained with ACE represented Somerset and came 4th. ACE has a tradition of doing very well at this event with a number of podium performances! Note that not all athletes need to be available for both days - see below.

Most schools will have received entry information and ACE would like to encourage athletes who want to take part to enter through their schools.  Please note that in the junior events ie Quadrathlon & Pentathlon, schools and indeed clubs are limited to a maximum of 4 boys and 4 girls so we advise getting the process under way very soon (see below). If any schools have exceeded their quota of athletes in the Quadrathlon or Pentathlon then please contact us and we will see what can be done to ensure your entry is accepted.

We know that some schools are not good at entering athletes for a variety of reasons. Therefore we suggest the following procedure unless you know for certain that your son/daughter or the child you care for has been or will be entered by their school:

Print out the entry form (click here>>), complete all the details (information on year groups and events is given below and on the information sheet - attached) and include your contact information where it asks for “email contact and telephone number”. Take the form to the Head of PE/person who has responsibility for PE in your athlete's school and ask them to sign and date the form - ensure they print their name where shown -
they don't have to do anything else and they don't have to accompany athletes to the competition! This is a County Schools competition hence the requirement for schools to sign the form!  In the past there have been comments from schools about insurance issues if they sign the form - we struggle to understand that but if schools will not sign the form please let us know. Assuming no such problems, please post the form immediately together with your cheque to the address given on the bottom of the form.

Please let us know that you have entered and for which event eg Pentathlon.

Graham and I will do our best to ensure that we will be there to support ACE athletes over the entire weekend, so we need to know who has entered. Most state schools will not provide any support on the day!

Age Groups & Event Information:

If an athlete is in school Year 6/7 (Under-13 on 1.9.19) – they are classed as Under-13 Boys and Under-13 Girls and will compete in the Quadrathlon (100m, Shot, Long Jump, 800m ) - boys on Saturday, girls on Sunday.
Please note that if the organisers don't exceed their maximum number of year 7 entries then year 6 athletes will be able to compete on a "1st come 1st served basis" and athletes could expect an answer around the end of March/beginning of April. Please make your athlete aware of this in case they don't get a place and please do apply, we don't recall in past years any year 6 athletes being excluded, but we can't offer any guarantees either!

If an athlete is in  school Years 8 or 9 (Under-15 on 1.9.19) -  they are classed as Junior Boys and Junior Girls  and will compete in the Pentathlon (Girls: 75m Hurdles, Shot (3.00kg), High Jump, Long Jump, 800m; Boys: 80m Hurdles, Shot, Long Jump, High Jump, 800m) - boys on Saturday, girls on Sunday.
Please read the separate note regarding suggested entry standards for year 8 and year 9 junior girls pentathlon.  (click here>>)

If an athlete is in  school Years 10 or 11 (Under-17 on 1.9.19) - they are classed as Intermediate Boys and will compete in the Octathlon or Intermediate Girls  and will compete in the Heptathlon - both boys and girls will compete over 2 days ie Saturday and Sunday.

Octathlon - Long jump, Discus, Javelin, 400m (Saturday); 100m Hurdles, High Jump, Shot, 1500m (Sunday).

Heptathlon - 80m Hurdles, High Jump, Shot, 200m (Saturday); Long Jump, Javelin, 800m (Sunday).

If an athlete is in Years 12 and 13 (Under-19 on 1.9.19) - they are classed as Senior Boys (Decathlon) and Senior Girls (Heptathlon).  (Inc. U-20s on 31-12-19).

Decathlon - 100m, Long Jump, Shot, High Jump, 400m (Saturday); 110m Hurdles, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin, 1500m (Sunday)

Heptathlon - see above.

Entries & Fees:

Entry Fees for Somerset Athletes:  £8.00 per competitor (Quadrathlon, Pentathlon); £10.00 per competitor (Heptathlon, Octathlon, Decathlon).   

All cheques (payable to "Somerset Schools' AA") to accompany entries.

Entry forms with fees to:  Mr Richard Bowden, 6 Rickhayes, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9BH.

Closing Date:  Friday 29 March 2019.